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5 Reasons You Can Never Be Batman

You know who Batman is and without any dark, grand build-up, let’s get down to it.

He’s the most liked superhero of all. Be it DC or the Marvel universe, the Dark Knight is a symbol of hope and gives something to aspire to because he is after all human, just like the rest of us. With only his wit, planning and array of tools, he is the leader of Justice league.

But if that’s the case, and if you are just as human as him, can you become Batman?

The answer is probably, wait, DEFINITELY NO.

Here’s why.

Batman’s IQ is higher than Albert Einstein’s

That’s right, while Einstein’s IQ is somewhere in between 160-180, the Caped Crusader’s IQ is at an staggering 192. If you were already thinking that Einstein’s IQ was hard to top, you can just forget about coming anywhere close to Batman’s intelligent quotient.

Batman can afford a Batmobile, a Batcave and a Supercomputer; can you?

Batman is a billionaire but mind you, not a self made billionaire. And since he was not a self made billionaire, he could save Gotham while leaving the Business end of things to the board of directors who are loyal to the Wayne legacy (thanks to Thomas Wayne). You see, he didn’t have to sit down and get too engrossed in building a Billion dollar empire. He inherited the Billion dollar empire from his late father, Thomas Wayne. All his gadgets and high end tech is just an extension to his father’s legacy.

Batman has amazing speed,reflexes, and athletic physique

Batman is 6’2” tall and weighs 210 lbs. He performs acrobatic manuevers like Spider-man, as well as gives a hard beating to someone beefed up like Bane. He is incredibly strong, and his strength is way above than any average human being.

You don’t have a loyal butler like Alfred who can hack into public cameras for you

Alfred Pennyworth is a stand out character and is the only person Batman trusts. His versatile skills from knowing what to serve Master Wayne to hacking surveillance cameras are critical to Batman’s success.

You cannot create a team of superheroes who have God complexes and superpowers and be their leader

Yes, I am talking about the Justice league. Imagine dealing with a bunch of superheroes like Superman and Wonder-woman who have god like superpowers and not fearing them at all. Not just deal with them but be their leader. And no matter how powerful anybody is, be the most feared among them all.

If you can do all that were mentioned above, you can be a Batman. And I’ll worship you.


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