22 Hilarious Tweets by ‘God’ That Confirm His Morbid Sense of Humor

Yes, God is on Twitter

God (@TweetOfGod) has been on twitter since October 2010 and ever since he’s been bestowing us with his bitter-sweet wrath bundled in less than 280 characters. From talking about the climate crisis to despising Trump, ‘God’ has been making a fun of his ‘creation’ as in, us humans who, without any doubt, have been failing him splendidly time after time.

With 6 million followers, God’s profile is still unverified and its creator David Javerbaum, who runs it, deems it a satire that mainly aims the American politics, climate change and taunts directed at humanity.

The following tweets by god are a few of his words, among the whopping 10.7K tweets he’s posted so far. We didn’t get to scour all of them,but here are the recent ones that are sure to incite a laugh or two.

To check out more tweets take a look at @TweetOfGod. Thank us later.

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