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Ranking 12 Hollywood divas who look stunning in Indian Sarees!

Having a body and personality to suit an eccentric attire is not everyone’s cup of tea. Pulling off bold fashion stunts are either a hit or miss. But that hasn’t deterred Hollywood damsels to try on dresses that raise a lot of eyebrows. In this case we are talking about a special Indian dress– A Saree, which is probably the most enticing and sexiest dress a lady can adore.

Though many pf them have tried it before, not everyone has been able to rock well in a saree, except for these heartthrobs below:

12. Selena Gomez

11. Julia Roberts

10. Naomi Campbell

9. Paris Hilton

8. Halle Berry

7. Lady Gaga

6. Ashley Judd

5. Anne Hathaway

4. Elizabeth Hurley

3.Katherine Heigl

2. Eva Mendes

1. Jessica Alba





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