Beware of the Challenges in Tik Tok!

Challenges are welcomed only if it is helping you to be constructive. Here’s a useless one trending in the TikTok app. A user named Allison Ponthier has applied an eyelash glue to her upper lips and then bringing her top lip up to replicate fuller lips. 

In the video, the users could witness plumper lips than her original. Looks like this glue would avoid injecting fillers! Teens are going crazy to try it which is quite a risky factor.

Though the content has been deleted on Wednesday, Allison had posted it to the latest “lip trend” and correlating to the “Kylie Jenner lip challenge 2015.” The “do it yourself” has created a wreck as the teenagers followed the challenge and damaged their lips and mouth trying to copy the cosmetic queen.

One of the renowned “esthetician and esthetics instructor, Effie Kougainos stated that: the application of glue in the skin leads to “itchiness, burning and develop redness as it has formaldehyde. “

Adding to this she told that if they keep trying then it might end with a carcinogenic effect. 

As this trend is passing on and children are watching these kinds of videos, it may bring health problems which leads to varied complications.

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