Parents of Elite School Fakes Disability to get Extra Test-Taking Time!

Only times like these makes us doubt the existence of morality. Though modern society gets accustomed to cheat and be greedy as long as it won’t invite legal troubles, malpractice in the places of worship and education never cease to raise our eyebrows and frown.

It all started when a student at LA’s Elite Harvard-Westlake school decided to put an end to a sham that’s happening in her school for years. She penned a piece at ‘The Chronicle’ in the name ‘Start putting the extra time to the test’. She strongly believed that many of her peers in her school abused the ‘Extra Time to Test’ facility provided to children who have a learning disability. She wrote, “I have seen more than a few of my classmates flock to specialists with the hopes of being diagnosed with a disorder that would qualify them for extra time on their entrance exams. Extra time has been exploited by some wealthy families who use their easy access to expensive medical professionals to give their children an upper hand in the college admissions process.”

Six weeks after this allegation, FBI released 203-page indictment involving 50 people engaging in this kind of scam.

It is believed that both parents and counsellors are well aware of this kind of scam happening in schools. In an education system which focuses mainly on skill-sets and comfort, can we expect anything better than this? Shouldn’t humanity abide by the gut before thinking about the laws of the state?

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