Oprah Winfrey’s long gratitude hike – despite two knee replacements

Oprah Winfrey’s gratitude journey

Oprah Winfrey’s long gratitude hike - despite two knee replacements

Oprah Winfrey, a famous American talk show host, writer, actress, and producer stunned the internet by posting videos of her trekking journey. She posted them on her Instagram page on social media.  

It is to be noted that she has undergone a double knee replacement in November 2021. During this long gratitude hike ending in 2022, she was accompanied by Gayle King and some other friends. Nearly after 13 months of knee surgery she chose this wonderful excursion that was 10.2 miles in total. 

“During this gratitude hike, I am also grateful for my new knees that carried me through this journey,” Oprah captioned one video on her Instagram. “A year ago I couldn’t walk and I finished 2022 walking 10.2 miles up a mountain. God is good.”

In the video, Oprah is seen in her pink sweatshirt and a hat at different hiking points during the journey. At the age of 68, she has planned to be fit and fine, showing off her already slimmed physique.

“The whole idea of this hike is gratitude for the year you’ve had, the life you live, the lessons you’ve received,” Oprah being a good writer explained. “It’s a gratitude and a praise hike. I’ll be doing this in the name of Barbara Walters today, who has been a great mentor and friend to me.”

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