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Nicki Dissed Cardi In her New Song Transformer

The Beef Continues Forever

Looks like Nicki Minaj is stirring up the beef again in her feud with Cardi again. Nicki and Cardi have been feuding since months now. The feuds turned ugly when Cardi attacked Nicki and threw her shoe at her at the Harper’s Bazar Icon’s Party.

at harper's bazar

Cardi B said that she attacked Nicki because she alleged her of her parenting and said bad about her daughter. Cardi also made a post on IG saying that Nicki stabbed her back and doing some shady stuff behind the scenes. Nicki responded on Queen’s Radio and exposed her. Since then they have become enemies. Now Nicki seems stirring the feud again by doing a feature on Future & Juice Wrld’s Album on the song- transformer.

feud forever

Nicki sings with the lyrics on her song Transformer- ” FF Four albums in, pull a Mili for a show while these b*tches is servin Milli Vanilli on the low. ”

Now that’s a dig at Cardi because she raps and the lyrics which she does not write. I guess this is her way of saying that she’s untalented and she’s getting by others people talent.


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