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Diddy needs Cassie back in the Wendy Williams Show

Diddy have made it unmistakable through online networking that he is as yet enamored with Cassie and he needs her back. In any case, Wendy doesn’t trust he’s being true and he teaches lady to “proceed onward” and never to return back.

In Wendy William Talk Show, there was a dialog about Diddy and Cassie’s separation and recommended to have a total separation up as it would be simple for them to do on the grounds that they don’t have children from their relationship.

The host of the Talk indicate told crowd, the 32 year old Cassie will effectively get another. She proceeded onward by expressing” I don’t think he truly needs her back and

I think at one time he controlled her and on the off chance that he truly minded he would have contacted her unhesitatingly.

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