New Monopoly game will favour women over men

Looks like the iconic ‘monopoly’ game has got a feminist twist.

Hasbro’s popular game ‘Mr. Monopoly’ that has been the most popular board game spanning generations has got an upgrade.

Ms. Monopoly was recently released by Hasbro in an attempt to highlight women empowerment celebrating the rise of women in the workforce such as female entrepreneurs by favoring women over men– in the game.

Women are allowed to earn more than men. This notion is baked into every aspect of the game from higher payout at ‘Start’ of the game to pocketing extra cash at every turn. Say, in a standard turn if a man makes $500, for the same move a woman would get $600.

Hasbro in a statement expressed that it wanted to make the iconic game more fun and create a world where women enjoy more benefits and opportunities than men.

“But don’t worry, if men play their cards right, they can make more money too”, they concluded in their statement.

There have also been changes in the game-play wherein a player, instead of buying properties and real estate, they buy ‘things that wouldn’t exist without the innovative women who invented them’. And they include things like WiFi, chocolate chip cookies, or Stem Cell Isolation, all of which have been invented by women.

Prriced at $19.99, Ms. Monopoly is for now exclusive to the US. If you happen to be in the US, you can order here.


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