Netflix’s new DC series!

Netflix is in line to ink a deal with Warner Bros. of an adaptation of Sandman, a popular comic book series with from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint. Neil Gaiman who is working on Good Omens will be at the helm of the project along with screenwriter Allan Heinberg, who previously worked on Wonder Woman and Grey’s Anatomy.

Sandman was actually supposed to be released as a movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt directing as well as starring in the movie. However, the project eventually fell through after being stuck in a rut for decades. And about three years ago, Levitt quit the project owing to creative differences.

Sandman follows the adventures of Morpheus, the lord of dreams and member of a pantheon of immortal beings called The Endless who personify certain universal concepts that, along with the dream, includes death, desire, destiny, delirium, despair, and destruction. Interestingly, Lucifer is also one of the characters in the comic series going by the name Lucifer Morningstar.

Though Netflix is yet to announce an officially, it’s decided that Neil Gaiman and David Goyer will be the executive producers of the show.

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