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Neil deGrasse Tyson mocks Thanos’ snap, says it was ‘illogical’

Tyson, the modern space guy thinks that Thanos was being dumb by wiping half of the universe with his snap from Avengers: Infinity War.

He took to Twitter on Wednesday to address the supervillain’s so-called ‘smart’ decision. He deemed it unnecessary for Thanos to erase 50 percent of the world.

Tyson tweeted that Thanos needed an Astronomy 101 course and needed to know a thing or two about the resource utilization in the universe. He elaborates, “Sure, Thanos is singularly evil. But I bet he flunked Astro 101. He wants to kill half of all living things to save the other half—due to limited resources. But the universe has vastly more resources than can possibly be consumed by civilizations that have access to space.”

With so much power in the infinity gauntlet, Tyson delved into the possibility of doubling the resources in the universe instead of wiping half of the existence. “If you wield the power to snap your fingers and end half of all life in the universe—to preserve resources for those who remain—then you surely have the power to snap your fingers and double the resources instead,” he wrote in another tweet.

Tyson is among the few privileged folks who’ve been lucky enough to see an early screening of Avengers: Endgame, attending a private IMAX screening on Tuesday.

I hope makers of Avengers took notes.

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