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Anderson Cooper mocks Trump, compares him to ‘Elmo’

Anderson Cooper, the star anchor on CNN drew a jibe at Trump for referring himself in third person comparing him to Elmo from “Sesame Street”.

Earlier, the President attacked the Mueller Report, calling it a ‘witch hunt’ and preposterous. Trumps exclaimed, “We just went through the Mueller witch hunt, where you had, really, 18 angry Democrats that hate President Trump. They hate him with a passion”. Notice how he happened to refer to himself in the third person for some weird reason.

Anderson Cooper taunted Trump, on one instance comparing him to the brainless tin man from the ‘Wizard of Oz’. He went on to say, “The president of the United States is not supposed to talk like Elmo. Speaking in the third person, it was a habit for President Trump long before he moved to 1600 Sesame Street”.

Cooper pointed at the fact that we’ve been dealing with Trump’s narcissistic, self-obsessed behavior for a long time now. He dug out Trump’s tweet from 2012 wherein Trump appreciates himself in the third person for the Apprentice’s high ratings.

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