MyKayla Skinner Retiring After Olympics?

MyKayla Skinner Retiring After Olympics?
“Hey everyone! I am so excited to compete in Tokyo in just a few weeks and I’m grateful for all of your support. I wanted to announce I will be going pro and not returning to compete in the NCAA. The Olympics will be my last gymnastics competition before I officially retire.” said Skinner on her Saturday IG post.

Skinner is a two-time NCAA champion and a 2 time NCAA all-rounder runner-up at the University of Utah. She also holds several other titles such as:

● NCAA record for consecutive routines without a fall (161)
● School record with 26 All-America selections (13 NCAA, 13 regular seasons).
● Earned 23 first-team All-America honors
● Was an eight-time regional champion.
● Was a seven-time All-Pac-12 champion.
● Tied the Pac-12 record for most all-conference awards with 14.
● Holds the Pac-12 record for career Gymnast of the Week honors with 16.
● Racked up 111 career victories as a Red Rock, which ranks third all-time in program history making her one of the best gymnasts in the USA.

Skinner had previously given thought to re-enter Utah senior season, give that she was previously brought into the hospital for pneumonia, COVID-19 and a bone spur that can aggravate her Achilles tendon (may require surgery) decided against it.

Her Utah coach Tom Farden who will coach Grace Mccallum and Kara Eaker appreciated her decision to officially retire as a collegiate athlete wholeheartedly, praised her dedication and commitment to the Red Rocks.

MyKayla Skinner is currently practicing to secure a couple of medals in the upcoming summer Olympics and getting a degree before going professional.

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