Most Favorite Stars Celebrated New Year’s Eve

From Taylor Swift to Sofia Vergara, here is a list of the glamour NYE gatherings of Hollywood celebrities.

Most Favorite Stars Celebrated New Year’s Eve
Most Favorite Stars Celebrated New Year’s Eve

No one could party so hard as Hollywood celebs! Besides reminiscing the memories, these A-listers created new ones at the end of the year. Dancing, partying, vibing and whatnot!

Well, everybody has their own style of celebrating New Year right? check out how the Hollywood celebs stepped up this year. 

Taylor Swift

Swift celebrated New Year’s Eve by watching her boyfriend Travis Kelce playing in Arrowhead Stadium. News is spreading that the love birds shared a midnight kiss during the New Year celebration.

Jennifer Lopez

Jlo shared an image on social media where she was wrapped in the arms of hubby Ben Affleck while enjoying the fireworks. 

Blake Lively 

On her Instagram page, Blake posted her ready-for-new-year picture with lots of captions on it. The captions were nothing but what she wore on the last day of this year before bidding bye to 2023.

Dua Lipa

The ‘New Rules’ singer spent her New Year’s Eve in Jaipur. She wore a long black halter-neck gown with a cutout spanning from her clavicle to her navel. Later that night, she changed her outfit to a bathrobe after 5 shots of Negronis.

Olivia Rodrigo 

The American singer wished everyone a Happy New Year on her social media page, captioning her excitement on what’s to come.

Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family actress spent her New Year with her friends and family. She updated a post where she has been wearing a corseted bustier.

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