Jennifer Lopez Project was one of the most-watched movies

Netflix’s most-watched movie of the year 2023 “The Mother

Jennifer Lopez Project Was One Of The Most Watched Movies
Jennifer Lopez Project Was One Of The Most Watched Movies

Jennifer Lopez has been involved in one of the most successful movies released in the past year. Surprisingly, the movie “The Mother” which dropped on Netflix in May 2023, was one of the year’s most successful filmography of Jenifer Lopez. According to a Netflix report, the movie has been viewed 249.9 million hours, making it one of the year’s top hits alongside titles like Oppenheimer.

The numbers and the views reported by Netflix’s first engagement report, which shows the depth of stats over 18000 titles on the streamer and it has estimated that 127 million households and over 250 million people have watched the movie “ The Mother” in its first six weeks in the Netflix. According to the report, the movie is officially Netflix’s biggest success in the past year.

Jennifer Lopez’s cinema success

Jennifer Lopez began her career on a television comedy program Quotes. Subsequently venturing into acting, she gained recognition in the 1995 action-thriller “Money Train.” Jenifer Lopez’s first leading role was in the biographical film Selena(1997), in which she earned an ALMA Award for Outstanding Actress. There are many successful films by Jenifer Lopez like the second act, Marry Me, etc.  

Box office hit starring actress Jennifer Lopez plays a deadly assassin with perfect aim, who is forced to give up her daughter for adoption to keep her safe from dangerous associates. Jennifer Lopez was a U.S. military operative in this movie, the action thriller movie follows her attempt to rescue her daughter with the help of an FBI agent. Also, the movie received mixed reviews. However, Jennifer Lopez rocked the movie and it became a hit and most-watched movie of the year 2023.

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