Morbid memes to lift your moody Mondays

Hey there fellow hooman. Here are a few freshly pressed memes to have a sneak-peek at while at work. So whenever free, stop pretending to work for a while and tickle your humor. Today we’ve got millennial problems, vouching for humanity and yet another Blackhole meme.

1. Alexa, we have a problem


2. Almost got me


3. Faith in humanity lost


4. Mean professors



5. Literally me

6. What are you drunk on and where can I get it?



7. Just one beer Homie


8. Faith in humanity restored




9. Genius level: Legend



10. This uncanny resemblance is scary


11. Somebody give him a Nobel



12. Roach version of John Wick

13. Timeless masterpiece


14. My entire high school was a lie


15. Blackhole memes still abuzz

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