GoT S8E02 : The War is coming!

Everybody grab your Valyrian swords and Dragon glass weapons coz the war is coming!!

Trial of Jaime Lannister

This episode opens with the trial of Jaime who is accused of killing the Mad King by Daenerys. She also mentions the stories told by her brother Viserys.

But Sansa wanted to keep Jaime onboard much to Daenerys’ annoyance when Brienne steps to vouch for Jaime. Jaime’s trial could’ve been some super intense drama… but it was pretty much ‘Nah he an ok dude’… ‘ok he can go’… DONE

Sansa and Danny’s Conversation

It was a pleasant conversation between the two, especially Danny talking about her former love interest being slightly taller. While Sansa slays with words about men doing stupid things for love. The whole conversation was about Danny’s conquest and her goals through conflicts with Sansa for the North.

Theon and Sansa reunite

The survivors of Ramsey Bolton reunion was a real tearjerker. It was super cute when Theon said he will fight for The Lady of Winterfell.

Ser Brienne of Tarth

Yeaaa you read it right!  Brienne becomes the first woman to become a knight. Jaime knighting Brienne… All the Right feels!

Ghost’s appearance

We finally saw Ghost on the ramparts with Sam and Jon!! Will we see Nymeria and the pack come to the rescue?

A girl is no longer Virgin

Arya and Gendry… Okay, we did NOT expect Arya to get right at it!  This scene was quite uncomfortable and it really weirded us out! But yeah that was unexpected!

So Gendry who’s your girlfriend? No one?

Daenerys learns the truth about Jon

It was quite weird how Jon told her the truth. He made it seem like he always knew, not something he just discovered. And right there Daenerys makes a fantastic point “the greatest secret in the world and only your brother your best friend know about it” Honestly she was right about that!

The Dead are already here.

Before the Jon-Dan conversation finishes, the horn bells go off and closes with an army of walkers on their horses. And the Deads are already here at Winterfell!


Another 50 minutes long episode, we wonder how they are gonna fit everything within the next 4 episodes? And each scene was really rushed.

Our reaction was like “oh look, everyone is happy… They are all gonna die aren’t they?”!!

Sad episode because it’s the last time we will see many of them alive. The drama is loaded up beautifully for the next episode. Hang on to your seat for what is about to happen in episode 3 next week!




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