Skydance Scraps Matthew McConaughey’s “Dallas Sting” Amid Concerning Allegations

“Dallas Sting” won’t be a part of Matthew McConaughey’s filmography as Skydance scraps the sports drama.

Skydance Scraps Matthew Mcconaughey’s “dallas Sting” Amid Concerning Allegations

Well, looks like fans had to wait longer to see Matthew McConaughey on screen again. Skydance had no other way but to scrap the actor’s upcoming soccer movie “Dallas Sting,” by “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” director Kari Skogland. The media production company had to remove the project, just six weeks before official production, due to disturbing allegations the crew received surrounding the story.

“Dallas Split” was set to be derived from a true story of a girl’s soccer team’s 1984 trip to China and defeating some of the best teams from Australia, China, and Italy. Rumors come out as it was the same year when then-President Ronald Regan tried to reestablish the political relations between the US and China. So the allegations might have been very serious that Skydance could do nothing but abruptly remove the project. 

Matthew McConaughey was cast to play Bill Kinder, the coach of a rag-tag girls soccer team, and “Dopesick” star Kaitlyn Dever was set to play Kinder’s daughter. Written by “GLOW” writers Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, “Dallas Sting” would’ve been McConaughey’s long-awaited appearance on screen. The actor was last seen in Guy Ritchie’s 2019 hit, “The Gentlemen.”

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