Marvel Modok is Now Streaming in Hulu!

Are you a die-hard Marvel fan? Then newsflash, Marvel has released MODOK on Hulu. Here is what you should know about the world-class villain and the suburban nightmares.

An innocent child who was bullied for having a big head decides to transform the world. So he chooses to push it out of existence by becoming a MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.)

And like every other imperfect family MODOK too fears his wife. Even the world-class villain has to take the trash out and he is really bad at running a family.

Following which MODOK is faced with choices when his wife falls in love with Wonder Man. An apparent divorce, two teenage kids, a bankruptcy, and of course the ultimate plan to take over the world ready to be set in action.

Like any other man, he chooses family over the world and decides to get them at any cost. Regardless of his good choices MODOK takes the bad path and is faced with every other superhero queu Iron Man, Black Widow, and others trying to save the world.

What’s inside the mystery place MODOK the lego-like supervillain has been visiting and whether he gets his family back and conquers the world makes the rest of the story. Catch it up on Hulu now people!

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