A Woman with Dating Demands Gets 500 Applicants in 24 Hours

Philippa Wilson, 28 created a google form for dating, so single men could apply to her for a date. It is said that Wilson received 505 messages in just 24 hours.

As the pandemic began, Phelipa Wilson knew it was the right time to start dating again, but didn’t know where to start. Phelipa lives in Jamaica whose long-term relationship ended two years ago and she was insecure to meet other singles in a way that honored her personal growth.

“I just haven’t had a good experience with relationships, feeling like I was valued in them,” says Philipa Wilson to a popular website.

Philipa took a year off from dating and found a place where she felt equipped to look for love again. “It’s given me so much more insight into me. I’ve been able to kind of cultivate everything that I would need from myself, and I’m not looking to fill a void.” Phillippa now wants to date deliberately and her primary goal is to find a long-term partner.

Phillipa created a google form in the name of hot vax summer and the idea was suggested by her friend. With the help of closest friends, she compiled a set of questions and created her dating application, and posted it in April on her Twitter account with a caption stating “Sooo I’ve decided I’m ready to re-enter the dating world.. If you’re interested, click the link and let me know about yourself.” Within a day Phelipa got over 505 responses.

After two and a half weeks Phelipa Wilson narrowed it down to 33 suitors and reached them on their social media accounts. From those 33 initial conversations, she chose 10men to date in which only four live in Jamaica, while the other Six live in different countries.

Phelipa ends by advising singles who want to give this method a try, “Don’t get attached to any particular outcome. There are no guarantees with this, no guarantees that this will bring ‘the one,’ not even for myself,” she said. At the end of the day, dating is supposed to be fun so honestly, why not?”

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