Man tries to scale Buckingham Palace, almost woke up the Queen!

Her majesty was just sleeping a few meters away when an intruder trespassed into the Buckingham Palace around 2 am.

The intruder aged 22, was able to jump a fence at the front of the building to get inside the 93-year-old Queen’s home. And it didn’t stop there. He went on to bang down the doors of the residence.

According to the officials who nabbed him, the intruder was unarmed and the incident had nothing to do with terror-related stuff. Security has been amped up in the Royal Quarters.

The man remains in custody at a nearby police station in central London. And as per close sources, the intruder was ‘proud’ after the feat.

It must be noted that this was not the first time someone tried to break in into the Queen’s quarters.

The most famous break-in happened when an unemployed laborer scaled the walls and entered the Queen’s bedroom at 7.15am on the morning of July 9, 1982.

The 31-year-old laborer named Michael Fagan who also happened to be schizophrenic began ranting about his family problems to the Queen. Her majesty pushed the panic button by her bed but got no response. She called the emergency number seeking for help, but the operator laughed the call down thinking someone was pranking and was pretending to be the Queen.

Looks like her majesty should be guarded by someone like John Wick.


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