5 things on my wishlist inspired after John Wick 3: Parabellum

John Wick is indeed a one-of-a-kind flick that inspired millions for its brilliantly choreographed action sequences and the man himself.

John Wick is indeed a one-of-a-kind flick that inspired millions for its brilliantly choreographed action sequences and the man himself. We even get a John Wick theme park ride that is all set to open in 2021. But here are 5 things on my wishlist that are inspired after watching John Wick 3,

The action sequences and the plot had me hooked on to my seat. I didn’t even get a chance to finish my popcorn and had to leave it behind for maintenance to dispose of them.

I might have left the popcorn behind, but left the theatre with many lessons which I now have decided to add on the list of ‘things to do before I die’ in my obscure little black diary.

No, it’s not to go about stabbing people around with a pencil.

Yeah, violent sequences make people violent. However, gory details apart, my takeaway from the movie was, you could say, more ‘sophisticated’.

Get suave and look sharp

I am a person who hates formal attire. Hell, even today, if they make formal attire mandatory in my office, the next thing you’d see would be me jumping off my floor. However, after watching this movie, I was inspired to dress well, more professionally.

In the movie, a bloodied and beaten John Wick collapses under the hot desert sun. Luckily for him, he was rescued and was given a hot bath in a canopy. After his bath, a new black suit was waiting for him.

From the scene, I saw a man who dresses well even in the most desperate times. In other words, I realized the importance of dressing well, no matter what your situation might be. It reflects who you are and how you choose to portray yourself.

Have ties with an organized, underground crime ring

Well, maybe, maybe not.

But there sure is a lot of fun in having a group of elite, shady people uniting on the same goal like some sort of a cult. It’s like having your own like-minded people who share similar interests, talents, values, goals, and rules.

Take John Wick. He had someone to stitch up his bullet wounds.

Perks of having ties to a mafia ring.

Live and play by the rules

I was in awe of the movie for the fact that how a lawless underground society has a set of laws in the core and so strongly governed by rules. The best thing about John Wick is that laws are so well put up that there was a compulsion to follow them as there were serious consequences to not abiding them.

I need to bring that sort of mechanism for my personal goals too.

I am not going to order my favorite smoothie unless I run at least four times a week.

Be really, really damn good at something

I am inspired by the cool kung fu moves in the movie, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be hell-bent on learning Kung-fu. In fact, I am motivated to be really super awesome at something no matter how trivial or boring it is, like writing. It inspired me to be great at something.

Have a safety net when things go wrong

Underneath the brutality of John Wick is a man who really looks like he has got his shit together when it comes to clinically avenging his enemies. This is surely not possible unless you have backup plans like A, B, C, and so on. How you premeditate outcomes based on your current situation plays an important role.

When we’re young we don’t have as much of a safety net for when things go wrong, but as we get older we start building up our cache of guns (metaphorically speaking, of course). Better to have multiple lines of defense for when the inevitable storm comes.

It’s smart to build up a cache of tools: duct tape, locks, pepper spray, swiss-knife, a small mutual fund portfolio, backup credit cards, etc.

So you see, violent movies don’t necessarily always incite violence. They can give you moments of inspiration too.

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