Man Dies After His Dog Licked Him

Reports show that it’s due to an infection

A 63-year old German man died after being licked by his dog revealing one of the most bizzare cases of death encountered so far.

The man reported high fever for about three days and difficulty in breathing. And while he had difficulty in breathing, baffled doctors couldn’t even spot the cause of the symptoms.

After thorough diagnosis, it was found that the man had an infection of Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a bacteria common in pets that rarely leads to infections in humans.

And the last time he ever had an interaction from a pet animal was his do– that too from its lick.

In most cases the infection is spread from a bite, given the person has a weak immune system.

Credit: European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine

Doctors enhanced the patient’s antibiotic dosage but his conditions continued to deteriorate. It was too late– the infection had by then spread to his body, damaging chunks of tissues in his arms and legs. The body was dying with blood flow halted to several vital organs after scans revealed that his brain had swollen up.

Credit: European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine

After 16 days of treatment, the man died.

Watch out before you get too close with your dog.


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