A Robbery Suspect Weilding Machete Was Shot Dead by Cops in Hollywood!

Preliminary info from Police shows that the suspect entered an auto parts store to commit robbery at knifepoint.

A machete-wielding robbery-suspect who shot by LAPD on Monday has died, later confirmed by authorities. Lt Chris Ramirez said the man, who has not been identified, had robbed an auto parts store around 11.30 am before walking to the drive-thru window of a Chick-fil-A and carjacking a customer.

Video evidence of the carjacking shows the man tried to enter the vehicle through the passenger’s door as police surrounded the car.

He took to a nearby fast-food drive-through store and carjacked a customer, Ramirez said. The suspect got into the car and tried speeding away from the scene, but crashed into two patrol cars in the parking lot, Ramirez said.
The suspect got out of the car, still carrying the big machete and kept running away from police, Ramirez said. In the initial efforts, LAPD used “less lethal” force and later circumstances lead to use heavy force to chase and shoot him dead, Ramirez said.
The suspect was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead, Ramirez said. He has not been identified.
The officer seen on video suffered minor injuries to his elbow and knee and was treated on the scene.

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