London Fashion week 2019 – Grass Coat Protest!

The grass coat made its significance during the London fashion week. Not on the ramp but on the street.
Extinction Rebellion, an environmentalist organization staged a protest at the end of the London fashion week at the final show of Victoria Beckham’s fall 2019. This is not the first time that his organization stages a protest during fashion shows. One of the founders, Clare Farrell said that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting. He added that it’s wasting the earth’s resources.
He accused the billion dollar industry as “one of the most polluting on earth. It is using a vast quantity of the carbon budget that we have left to produce products that we don’t need.”
Most of the protesters were in modest clothing. Some of the members of the foundation were wearing a green fringy coat which resembled fake fur. But, it actually turned out to be grass coats crafted from real seedlings!
Ackroyd and Harvey associated with Extinction Rebellion for the protest this weekend to swank their grass coats. Their work aims to bring awareness ecologies, climate change, and environmental degradation. Coming back to the coat, it takes two and a half weeks to grow from the seedling. The patterns achieved in a natural manner through photosynthesis. Grass receiving less light produces a lighter shade of hue throughout. Hence, the gradient effect on the coat. No dyes used. it’s all natural.
Ackroyd is proud to explain about their work that they are“bespoke pieces, artworks,”. ” They are designed to raise awareness around the larger issue of protecting our planet and being smart about the clothes we put on our backs each day”. Further, he added “They can be commissioned and worn in a fresh state for an event, or they can be dried and framed. And of course, they’re 100 percent biodegradable!”
While creating awareness on environment and batting to save the Earth from pollution can be a greater cause, it’s ironical using the seedling for making coats.

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