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Captain Marvel dissed on Rotten Tomatoes

Internet trolls are hell-bent on bringing Captain Marvel down before the movie even being screened.

The majority of the unpleasant reviews are personally jarred at the lead actress Brie Larson.

Most remarks were misogynistic in its tone taunting Larson’s views and stand as a feminist and an advocate for equal opportunities of different sexes in Hollywood. At one point, she was so obsessed with her stated desire to serve as an MCU “activist” that she makes weird “patriarchy” cracks while promoting the film.

Other blatant reviews cast Larson personally but express distaste to Captain Marvel on a whole. People out there seem to have qualms on the film highlighting feminism and a girl power message way too much, and that might undermine the Marvel Cinematic universe in the process.

One of the registered users said, “as a white male I don’t think Brie would want me watching this movie“. Another reported: ”Brie Larson LOOKS like a miscast. I’m hoping its just the previews. She just didn’t look like she carried the role“. You can read more here

Men don’t hold anything against women in superhero roles but seem to have a thing against mean activists donning those roles.


Mixing personal ideologies and movies is not a great call, but it’s a Marvel movie, so people are going to watch it anyway.

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