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Fox News Mocks Democrats Who Violated Lockdown Rules!

The news channel releases a parody ‘It Wasn’t Me’, a music video to mock Democrats’ hypocrisy on violating their own lockdown orders

The news channel releases a parody ‘It Wasn’t Me’, a music video to mock Democrats’ hypocrisy on violating their own lockdown orders. They made a cover video of Shaggy’s ‘It Wasnt Me’ music video and used lyrics that highlighted the incident when California Gov. Gavin Newsom being caught dining at The French Laundry.

The video was performed by Comedian Remy Munasifi, who goes by “GoRemy” on social media and he was portrayed as a politician caught blatantly violating his own orders by dining with friends.

“Voter came and they caught me red-handed/Eating at the place next door,” Munasifi sings. “Picture this, it was not that vacant/Like 100 peeps or more.

“How could I forget that I had/Banned all indoor gatherings?” he continues. “Just a prime example of/Really big hypocrisy.”

Brace Yourself! This Quarantine Period is Not the End!

August 2020

With an increasing number of cases for Corona in China at the start of this year, it widely affected the major places of Hong Kong which has the largest population. It brought huge devastation across the country sweeping hundreds of lives within months. Now that everything is coming back to normal the employees who were doing work from home are back to their workstations.

This will be soon applicable to other businesses too. But the situation overseas has been getting worse day by day.

So, now the days of normalcy have been reduced as the cases have been increasing stronger and faster than before making the health expertise anxious. So the government has re-shut the public places and asking people to maintain social distancing. Further, it has also implemented more strict rules, not allowing tourists and people arriving from the Hong Kong airport which was said to be the busiest airports in the world.

Moreover, all music shows, restaurants, and other entertainment businesses will also remain close until further notice.

Countries like Hong Kong and Singapore stand as examples of how to reduce the spread which now the other nations are following.

This technique would benefit healthcare center’s which are having trouble handling the numerous numbers across the globe.

A source stated that: “The suppression-and-lift strategy is the most talked about amongst my ilk and in governments all over the world,” said Leung, who is also the dean of medicine at the University of Hong Kong. “You would need to keep on these control measures to varying degrees until one of two things happen: One, is there is natural immunity by active infection and recovery, or there is the sufficiently wide availability of an effective vaccine administered to at least half the population, to create the same effective herd immunity. These are the only two ways of going about it.” Leung added that we’ll go through “several cycles” of tightenings and easings “before we will have a resolution.”

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