A Quick Flashback to Twitch and Allison Holker’s Love Life!

It still remains clueless on how one can make it to the show but it worked for Allison Holker and tWitch.

If you’re a dance lover, then getting into “So You Can Dance” would be a lifetime achievement. It still remains clueless on how one can make it to the show but it worked for Allison Holker and tWitch.

Twitch better known as Stephen Boss and Allison go long way back where they actually met but Holker didn’t remember. A versatile dancer from Minnesota entered season 2 in 2006 and ended up in the top 8 which is weird now as she has reached heights in years.

Whereas tWitch is a hip-hop dancer from Alabama who was declared as runner-up on season 4 in 2008. During this time Holker was already engaged and welcomes her first child with her ex-fiancée.

Though they were on two separate ways destiny brought these two people at all-stars, to make their moves with the top 10 contestants at season 7 in 2010. Further, Holker shared that: “I didn’t just make one move—I made, like, 10 moves and he wasn’t seeing them, so I had to put myself out there even more,” Holker, who started crushing on Boss from day one that summer, told Dance Spirit in 2012. “From the first week of SYTYCD as All-Stars, I thought he was the cutest guy ever. His personality was so fun.”

On the other hand, twitch said that: he had seen Allison at a party hosted by Ivan Koumaev a season 2 participant but she could recognize him. He also added that he was a big fan of her moves that sometimes tears rolled down seeing her dance.

Later cupid brought them together in 2017 from where it all started and today they are one happy family that one could wish for. Twitch has a stepdaughter, son Maddox Laurel, and now they are waiting for their next baby’s arrival which is a girl.

Recently Allison gifted a bus stop bench for Stephen’s birthday as he would remember it every day when he walks past to his work on Ellen.

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