BBC to Release Line of Duty Season 6 this March 2021

Line of Duty will be aired at the end of next month with seven episodes

Finally, the BBC confirms the release date of Line of Duty – 6th season. The broadcasting giant officially announced that the series will hit the TV screens this March 2021. Being one of the highly anticipated shows across the globe, Line of Duty will be aired at the end of next month with seven episodes.

A press release stated: “AC-12’s [the name of the show’s fictional anti-corruption unit] highest priority will always be capturing bent coppers.

“With that in mind, we have requested and been granted an extension of an extra episode for our next series, making it our longest yet.”

It is not yet known whether season six will be Line of Duty’s final series, however, Dunbar has previously stated that he believes it will go on “as long as there’s an appetite from our audience for the show”.

“Why should we stop?” said the actor during an appearance on the Graham Norton Radio Show in January.

“We’ve managed to keep the standard, Jed [Mercurio] rather, has managed to keep the standard so high for so long, and people love the show. I hope it does go on.”


Kelly Macdonald, Adrian Dunbar, Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Andi Osho, Perry Fitzpatrick, Prasanna Puwanarajah, Nigel Boyle

‘Line of Duty’ Will Be Back with Season 6 Filming in August

July 2020

As per reports, it is said that World Productions has fixed the commencing of the season 6 shoot on August 24 as a possible restart but still nothing is sure as the nature of the ongoing pandemic remains unpredictable.

The ongoing scenario had created a series of doubts on the television sector with several shows avoided shooting to enable halt the spread where Line of Duty halted for four weeks for season 6.

With shows like Antiques Roadshow and series like Emmerdale and Coronation Street resuming shoot, the BBC series is also expected to follow the same.

Earlier in June, the actor of the series Rochenda Sandall has urged fans to stay patient for a year for the 6th season to release.

While she was on Sunday Brunch she hinted on the series future to the hosts Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy.

She stated: “They were filming the sixth series, and it stopped, so unfortunately I don’t think that will start until…”

Earlier in May, the series director Jed Mercurio stated that season 6 might be written again.

Sharing it with BBC News, he told that his rewrites are what the show’s executives are looking into.

‘We’re all considering [a re-write],’ the Bodyguard scribe admitted. ‘We shot for four weeks in a pre-lockdown world, and all that material would have to be re-shot if we were going to change things.’

‘That would have huge cost implications, but we are considering it.’

The series is said to premiere on BBC iPlayer soon.

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