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The ‘Jaws’ Climax Footage was close to a Fatal Real-life Shark Attack!

It turns out a real-life shark attack footage was used in it.

One cannot forget the scariest shark-attack featured in the climax of the movie ‘Jaws’. One important reason for the impact that scene created on us is because of the fact that the real-life shark attack footage was used in it.

In the absolutely terrifying underwater scene during the final face-off, Richard Dreyfuss’s Matt Hooper dives underwater inside a shark cage hoping that it would shield him against the shark attack. However, the cage succumbs to the sharp and vicious teeth of the shark and breaks down. Somehow Matt Hooper escapes and takes a hide at the bottom of the sea.

Apparently, this scene was real-life shark footage used for the scene was the result of a similarly frightening accident—one that, as described by diver and shark documentarian Valerie Taylor, could’ve killed the actor standing in for Dreyfuss.

Valerie Taylor shares this story in a documentary that was featured in the world’s first documentaries on great whites”—filmed the real shark footage used in Jaws. She explains that because “the shark in the movie was supposed to be 25 feet long” and the great whites in South Australia where she and her crew were filming “were closer to 15 or 16 feet long,” they had to use “a very small boat, [build] a smaller shark-proof cage, and [hire] a very short actor.” This “very short actor,” they learned after having already hired him, “didn’t really know how to dive and was worried about being around the sharks”—which seemed like a problem.

While they tried to figure out what to do, “suddenly a huge 16-foot great white got caught in the [boat winch] that was connected to the cage.” The shark thrashed around so furiously that the winch broke and the shark cage was destroyed. “If the actor had been in the cage when this happened, he would have died,” Taylor writes. “We were fortunate that he was so reluctant.”

‘Jaws’ The Upcoming Flick To Be Released Amidst COVID-19

June 2020

If you had seen ‘Jaws’ then you might be familiar with the mayor that keeps persuading the family to jump into the water prior to grabbing their raft and uncertainly paddle through the ocean.

The picture was launched 45 yrs back and it is back as a film amidst cinema opening amidst the ongoing pandemic. The novel disease has popped up as an unexpected threat making most of the public places close.

As now several businesses are gradually reopening amidst the virus spreading more and more. Hence to many audiences, the water is not quite appealing now.

The flick caters a precise metaphor in many aspects to an extent that vacant theatres are an ideal sign of the COVID-19 effect.

The movie was originally helmed by Steven Spielberg in 1975 which went on to be a blockbuster in 1975 and 2 yrs later it was succeeded by “Star Wars.” This in turn gave a different dimension to the entertainment industry as it had huge TV commercials and promotions.

Although the Cineplexes are to be opened back in July, it is still not sure whether the screens will be jam-packed. A summer that is sure to be quiet!

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