‘Lanterns’—Are You Excited For The Ultimate Action?

New Green Lantern —A Detective Subject!!

‘lanterns’—are You Excited For The Ultimate Action?

DC Studios are bringing back the ultimate savior Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe. HBO Max is already in the progress of developing a show about Hal Jordan and John Stewart. 

‘lanterns’—are You Excited For The Ultimate Action?

The movie on mighty green lantern which starred the veteran actor Ryan Reynolds in the major role was released in 2011. James Gunn has come up and made it clear that Green Lantern will be having an important part in the new DCU. 

Recently, the first part of Chapter 1 was released at one press conference with Screen Rant and other press people. ‘Lanterns’, one of the major projects was unveiled as part of the DC Universe movie. This will be telecasted as a series on HBO Max.  

Many years of Greg Berlanti’s work on Green Lantern are scrapped and new plans are on the board with James Gunn and Peter Safran(new DC Studios heads). 

Mr.Gunn said this arc “leads into the overall story that we’re telling throughout the different movies and television shows.” The storyline will be a mystery genre. Hal and John will be investigating the ancient discovery on Earth. The cast and crew are under process, yet to be decided. There are many other DC projects on the row in the DC Universe, so the casting will be carefully done keeping in mind not overlapping between the movies and TV. 

“Greg’s vision was more of a space opera that he wanted to do,” Safran in a presentation of the new DC slate on the Warner Bros. Studios said, “Our vision is more True Detective, more of a terrestrial-based investigation story. We all agreed to part ways.”

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