Kit Harington & Rose Leslie win Legal Battle Saving Their Moat!

Kit Harington & Rose Leslie win Legal Battle Saving Their Moat!

The London-born actor Kit Harington and Jon Snow’s first love Rose Leslie have successfully won the battle by saving the moat wall.

Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie triumph in the battle and save dropping moat at their £1.75m Suffolk house. The couple planned to erect a new moat wall.
The celebrity couple worried their garden would drift into the water after witnessing a part of a 6 feet moat wall crumpled near their Suffolk farmhouse.

The couple realized that this destruction was putting pressure on a small footbridge over the moat, and the remaining parts of the wall were facing ‘significant lean.’

The celebrity couple, both 34, requested emergency permission to repair the home, including a brand new wall with a strong core ‘to ensure the long-term stability and safeguard against future problems.’

Simultaneously, Historic England showed concerns that this attempt to replace the new wall might lead to the loss of ancient remains and artifacts.

The heritage organization declared in a 2019 study, the 15th century home and its areas have a high potential for medieval and post-medieval archaeology.

Babergh District Council permitted to start the repair work after their local archaeological team confirmed that there would be ‘no significant impact on known archaeological sites or areas with archaeological potential.’

The planning officials stated in a report that “The site is located in a large plot with no immediate neighboring properties. The replacement wall is to go round an existing moat that has fallen into disrepair.”

“It is noted the concern raised by Historic England; however, following a response from Suffolk County Council’s Archaeological team detailing that no further archaeological works are required, then it is considered that it would be unreasonable to request further information.”

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