The Nevers’ Tops the Ratings on HBO Max!

Joss Whedon, who was the mastermind behind the creation of “Agents of the S.H.E.LD,” “Firefly,” and Dollhouse,” has given a new hit series, “The Nevers.”

“The Nevers” stars Olivia Williams (Lavinia Bidlow) and Nick Frost (Declan Orrun/The Beggar King). The cast also includes James Norton, Tom Riley, Ben Chaplin, Pip Torrens, Zackary Momoh, Amy Manson, Rochelle Neil, Eleanor Tomlinson, Denis O’Hare, Kiran Sonia Sawar, Elizabeth Berrington, Ella Smith, Viola Prettejohn, Anna Devlin, and Martyn Ford. Here is the plot of the series that has secured top ratings on HBO Max soon after its release.

The story set back in Victorian London after August 1896 revolves around women and few men who are granted extraordinary powers and are popularly known as “The Touched.”

A brawling widow, “Amalia True,” and talented inventor “Penance Adair” make it their mission to protect these orphans and their powers from the danger that is lurking around, determined to obliterate their kind.

Though the plot is somewhat cliche, its thrilling cinematography has made a grand debut on HBO Max. It has surpassed the TRP ratings of earlier blockbuster series such as “Lovecraft Country,” a horror drama by Misha Green, and “The Undoing,” a psychological thriller by David E.Kelly.

The sad news is Whedon has exited the screenplay after writing and directing the pilot episode. The first 6 episodes of the series for some ”me time” after the Warner Bros investigation on him for alleged misconduct and has not disclosed his return to the sets as the pandemic makes it challenging to shoot such a sizeable sci-fic series.

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