Kevin Spacey to Face First of Four #MeToo Trials in New York Court

Kevin Spacey faces trial for Anthony Rapp’s sexual abuse lawsuit

Kevin Spacey To Face First Of Four #metoo Trials In New York Court

Kevin Spacey is set to face trial for a civil lawsuit over a sexual abuse allegation that happened 36 years ago. The actor was sued by Anthony Rapp in a New York court, accusing him of an incident that happened 36 years ago. 

Anthony Rapp, well-known for playing Lieutenant Paul Stamets in Star Trek: Discovery, accused The House of Cards actor of inappropriately touching him at a Manhattan party in 1986. Rapp was 14 at that time. Spacey was around 26 or 27 at that time. 

Rapp first publicly accused Spacey in 2017, amid the mounting allegations against Spacey. He then went on to file a lawsuit in a New York court in 2020. 

Kevin Spacey is a high-profile actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and singer, and has a solid place in Hollywood with his Oscar-winning performances in The Usual Suspects and American Beauty. But the actor’s name went down the hill as sexual allegations against the actor surfaced in the early days of the #MeToo movement.

Following the allegations, Spacey was fired from The House of Cards, where the actor held the lead role, and a court ordered him to pay $31 million dollars as compensation for the losses incurred by the crew.

Anthony Rapp has filed the lawsuit, asking for $40 million in punitive and compensatory damages he had been through.

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