Shemar Moore shares his emotional experience as a father

The actor becomes a father at the age of 52

Shemar Moore Shares His Emotional Experience As A Father

Shemar Moore welcomes his first child with his girlfriend Jesiree Dizon. He shares his emotional note and introduces his child to his late mother, who has always wished to see him, father children. Moore says, “Shemar, Jesiree, Frankie, and the spirit of Grandma Marilyn…. Mom’s dream was for me to become a father and give momma some grandbabies… it took me a minute, but momma’s dream is now reality!!” He also added, “accomplished much and experienced the good, the Great, the light, and the dark… but this I couldn’t do on my own.”

The happiness and how precious he considers his child is expressed through his following statements, “Jesiree Dizon, we came back into each others lives and found love again and created a magical lil human together… I’ll call her ‘My little miracle’….. FRANKIE MOORE”

The following lines read from baby Frankie’s perspective, “Jez, I love you and am so grateful… Daddy Loves Frankie… I love and miss you every day Grandma Marilyn RIP 2/8/20.”

Moore posted a video with his little munchkin saying, “Her little eyes are open. Daddy and Frankie, just chillin’. “Daddy n Frankie… My New Partner in Crime.”

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