Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West


Kanye West opens up about Kim K’s weight loss for the first time!

Kanye West badly wants her to quit her rigorous diet

It’s not until recently that Kim Kardashian’s sleek silhouette has been making some serious headlines. When she took it to Instagram to take pride in her 119 lbs body, the reality star faced a hell lot of comments including the I really don’t care from model Tyson Beckford. It then turned into a battle of words leading to a severe backlash from Twitter users. The fact is that she turned so lean that her ribs were so evident in her teeny-weeny waist. While fans wished she didn’t lose any more pounds, her last update was that the socialite had gone down to 116 lbs and that she feels so good about it. Leaving aside what others think of her sudden interest in weight loss, husband Kanye West badly wants her to quit her rigorous diet.

Sources reveal that he loves her curves and doesn’t want them to disappear at any cost. Good that Mrs. West has managed to keep up with her hubby’s expectation by retaining those curves in spite of her tremendous weight loss in the past few months. We think it’s time that she actually gives some good thought about Kanye’s idea of a curvy figure coz we had always loved the way she looked before her skinny routines.

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