Debby Ryan tells Netflix’s Insatiable isn’t about “fat-shaming”!

Debby Ryan opened up on the issue to Sydney Morning Herald

Ever since the teaser of Netflix’s new release “Insatiable” hit the screens, it has been harshly criticized for its fat-shaming plot and scenes on how obese kids get bullied. And it was the series’ cast and crew that requested the viewers to be a little patient until they can watch the entire show. But, pathetically, Insatiable’s episodes were even more problematic and drew more hatred from the public so much so that even a petition was signed by nearly 200,000 viewers asking the streaming service to bring the controversial show to a close. Besides all the fuzz, Debby Ryan opened up on the issue to Sydney Morning Herald about the show, her personal experiences on bullying, and reasons explaining why she accepted her role as Patty.

“Clearly the show is striking a sensitive chord but the humor is not in the fat-shaming. The redemption is in identifying the bullies and saying, ‘This is not okay.’ And just because this one thing happened to Patty that changed her on the outside, it doesn’t solve her problems because she’s not free of compulsion and addiction,” she told the Australian newspaper. She further poured her heart out about the eating disorder she went through and how she managed to come out of stress eating. While we don’t blame the former Disney girl for the show’s storyline and its definition of beauty, we really wish the crew had been a bit more matured in its portrayal of the lead character.

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