Jennifer Garner and Selena Gomez: wearing striped sweaters

The stunning stripes never get fade!

Jennifer Garner and Selena Gomez: wearing striped sweaters

Every closet needs solid-colored basics, but occasionally it’s enjoyable to stand out in a print, and that’s precisely what celebrities are doing this autumn. 

Last week, comfy sweaters in the traditional pattern of black and white stripes were spotted on Selena Gomez and Jennifer Garner. 

Garner appeared in public on Tuesday in Los Angeles wearing a striped cardigan with gold buttons, loose-fitting blue trousers, and black combat boots. 

The following day, Gomez went out to supper in New York City wearing a turtleneck sweater with black and cream stripes, blue trousers, and square-toed black boots. She accessorized with gold earrings and a $3,800 Louis Vuitton handbag to complete her laid-back dinner outfit. She completed the ensemble with a sleek wool coat.

Gomez’s chunky sweater is from one of Meghan Markle’s go-to-go brands, Everlane, where it’s also available in cream, caramel, and blue. 

Although this striped sweater costs $165, Everlane is recognized for producing high-quality necessities that endure years of use, as evidenced by Markle’s repeated use of the company’s jumpsuits, jeans, and totes throughout the years. With this classic turtleneck, you’ll undoubtedly receive your money’s worth.

Jennifer Garner Won’t Let Her Daughter Use Instagram!

She feels the risks are too much to bear for a very little gain.

Jennifer Garner Won’t Let Her Daughter Use Instagram!

While many TV shows debate the parents posting the pictures of children on social media, especially the celebrity parents who’re on the limelight, Jennifer Garner revealed that she has no heart to let her 13-year old daughter use social media. In an exclusive interview with Katie Couric on a TV show, the 47-year old actress said that social media creates an illusion that it connects people whereas it implicates bad mental health on children instead.

She also accepted that she’s open to a change of mind if there are any concrete studies proving that social media is connected to children’s happiness. She strongly feels that it’s not fair to allow children of this generation to deal with a huge amount of pressure that no other generations were exposed to.

“You can look at mine when you want to,” Garner began, “we can go over it together, but I just don’t see it”, these were her words for her daughter.

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