Is Lana from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Purchasable?

The most awaited show in Netflix ‘Too Hot to Handle’ has finally premiered and viewers are captivated by the show.

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle seems to have recalibrated the dating reality show and tailor-made for this era: a show that rewards contestants for not making physical contact.

The show is presented by Lana that is like Alexa and few are wondering whether it can be purchased.

The show basically has a group of hot singles who must not involve sexually with the other participants to grab a sum of $100,000. All these singles are not monitored in apartments separately rather they are watched by a device like Alexa to capture every move.

The device which anchors the show brings them together and teams them up for various tasks or warns them if they are mischievous. Lana is the heart of the show and not even a thing can surpass her.

Is it possible to get Lana?

Well, the answer is it is solely developed by the show and it can’t be bought or downloadable as it is a speaker and is not available.

Voiceover of Lana

When it comes to the voice of Lana it was made by a group of expertise and completely programmed by the show executives. Of course, Lana is not a human.

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