Interesting Facts About Emma Stone

Interesting Facts About Emma Stone
Interesting Facts About Emma Stone

Hollywood sweetheart Emma Stone is notable among the people for her role in The Amazing Spiderman. Continue reading to know more surprising facts about Emma Stone.

  • Her real name is Emily Jean Stone when she was born. Later, she changed her name to Emma Stone due to another screen actor’s guild. 
  • Emma designed a PowerPoint presentation “Project Hollywood” for her parents while studying in high school. Because she needs to move to California after convincing her parents. It is the only way to achieve her career dream as an actress. 
  • In the early days, she wrote an online newsletter called Neptune for teenagers. Additionally, she wrote articles in the advice column section. 
  • One of Stone’s ideal heroes is Diane Keaton who stated her love in various interviews. After meeting her, Emma burst into tears immediately. 
  • Stone has a deep fascination with the Spice Girls group. At the reunion tour in 2019, she met her idols and take a photo with Baby Spice. 
  • She completely deleted her Facebook account due to unhealthy craving for the Farmville game. She said to Jimmy Fallon on the show “It’s a fake farm.” 
  • Emma once shared a tattoo of a bird’s feet on her wrist. “Blackbird” by the Beatles is the favorite song of Stone and her mother. 
  • She maintains good friendships with Martha MacIsaac, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sugar Lyn Beard. They spend their time watching movies together and going on trips. 
  • Emma sang various songs like “Knock On Wood” in Easy A and “I Know What Boys Like” in The House Bunny
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