Imelda Sweeps Texas Worse than Harvey!

3 people lost their lives and as per the latest reports “500 have been saved from the floods within 36 hours from Harris County.

The city of Texas witnessed yet another Hurricane Imelda which gradually on Friday in the morning. The situation intensified even after it poured 40 inches of rain. This has occurred in the southeastern parts of Texas which earlier had hurricane Harvey 2 years back.

3 people lost their lives and as per the latest reports “500 have been saved from the floods within 36 hours from Harris County.” The hurricane brought landfall close to Freeport on Tuesday is likely to shower with “3 more inches of rain to places like Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas on Friday as per National Weather Service.”

Further, the weather forecast stated that the inches of rain showered till now will make “Imelda the 4th wettest cyclone in Texas and 7th wettest in the history of U.S.”

Besides 10 bridges in San Jacinto River were closed as it broke 9 canal boats and 2 bridges as there were strong currents in the river as per the coastal guards.  The one out of three dead was a teenager Hunter Morrison who was taking his horse to a safer place. Unfortunately, he was strike by the electric currents in the water. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office, they said that the reason for his death is yet to be confirmed as his autopsy is to come. 

But his family has stated that he got drowned and killed by the electric shock. Apart from this, Ed Gonzalez sheriff of the town said that two who were found dead were rescued from a van and another was taken out from the gutter. 

The Houston Public Works told on Friday “relentless rain caused a wastewater spill that could taint some private wells. The spill, which had been stopped by later in the day Friday, unleashed an estimated 275,100 gallons of wastewater.”

They also requested that people using private supplies for water within ½ miles distance must make sure to filter or boil the water well before using it. Whereas Houston’s water is said to be clean “they added.”

Few other places which recorded heavy rains include Montgomery County which received 21 inches of rain within a day, Luce Bayou, on Lake Houston in northeast Harris County, had 15 inches, whereas the nearby localities had 13 and more. 

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