Gulali Ismail Fled from Pakistan to U.S?

She is said to be doing her higher studies on political asylum as per sources.

Gulalai overlooks the process each group is going through and identifies reasons for why they are failing to bring the stick down to the ground.

Gulali Ismail one of the prominent human rights activists has escaped from Pakistan to the U.S after she confessed that several women were sexually abused by the nation’s armed forces. 

Though she was restricted from traveling from her country she made ways to flee and come to New York to live with her sister. Now she is said to be doing her higher studies on political asylum as per sources.

Gulali was behind bars in Pakistan for her outspoken statements multiple times in recent years. She stated that: “If I had ended up in prison and tortured for many years, my voice would have been silenced.”

She also added that the harassment took place when there was an operation involved in evacuating the military forces in the borders with Afghanistan. Many women came out and shared the horror and mentioned that it was usual and it’s been continuing for years.

Besides, she said: “When a man stands up, he is mostly against the state oppression,” she added. “But when a woman stands up, she is fighting oppression on many levels — fighting cultural norms, fighting the patriarchy and the state oppression.”

While she was a young girl she established an organization especially for women “Aware Girls Organization,” which enables women to stand for their rights and equality and to showcase them as a representative for “women empowerment and social change.”

She was sent to jail in 2018 and then in May as she raised her voice against rape and murder of a 10-year-old during a protest. She was filed under “incitement of violence against state institutions.”

Gulali’s Father stated that she have been charged with six cases in Pakistan and so she ran for safety and she said that: “The last few months have been awful,” she also told an insider. “I have been threatened, harassed, and I am lucky to be alive.”

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