How did Marilyn Monroe die?

Cause of the classic star’s death at 36!

How Did Marilyn Monroe Die?

Marilyn Monroe, the iconic star of Hollywood, is celebrated even after years of passing. The mishap was sudden and unanticipated. It left waves of shock throughout the globe, and truly, it is a loss. The star died of a sleeping drug overdose, though there are several speculations of mystery around her death.

Monroe was found lifeless by her psychiatrist when her house help found no response to the knocks on her door and saw lights turned in the room by 3:25 a.m. Monroe was found nude, clenching the telephone in her hand when the psychiatrist broke the window and reached her room.

Monroe had a rough childhood with separation from her mother, growing up in foster care with few families, and not having the proper space to grow. It was followed by a disturbed marital life, leading to three divorces. She wanted to become a mother and suffered miscarriages. All these unfortunate events in her life even ruled out her cause of death as “probable suicide,” along with her habits of drugs and suicide attempts.

Even though a drug overdose is listed as the cause of death, there was only a bottle of pills present—no glass to drink water from or any indication that the drug had been present in her intestines. It could be possible that she injected the drug into her bloodstream.

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