Here’s Why Many in Hollywood are Rooting for Rudin!

Scott Rudin has announced that he is stepping away from active participation in Broadway and Netflix productions after being accused of abusive behavior. Why are the victims keeping their silence? Here is what netizens think

Scott Rudin is an American theatrical and Hollywood film producer who is worth around 250 million dollars.

He has been nominated for the Oscars 9 times and has won once in 2008 for producing “No Country for Old Men” and has been behind the successful careers of many first-time directors, actors and others.

The Hollywood Reporter published an article saying former assistants had allegedly reported abusive behavior and physical assault on Rudin. Sutton Foster has affirmed this claim and told the press that she was glad that he is leaving to make amends.

While netizens were chastising his behavior, Rudin made an announcement apologizing for the pain his behavior caused and is about to step down from active participation after much reflection on his past.

Producers, representatives, and executives who worked with Rudin are still silent on the issue, and the media is expecting more news from their end to answer the question, “Will there be reputational damage if clients were to work with a person charged for abusive behavior?”

On the other hand, few comments said that, though they were not condoning his abusive actions yet, this isn’t big news for a person with his level of talent, taste, and power not to be a bully. There would be none left in the industry if we were to cancel people based on behavior alone.

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