Here’s why ‘13 Reasons why’ season 3 is a big disappointment

While the list of upsetting factors is quite long, here are a few reasons why, we as fans, don’t love season 3 as much as we did the previous 2 seasons.

We miss Hannah Baker

Though the show’s plot itself was all about the reasons that led to Hanna’s death, her presence and charm in the first season simply made us crave for more. In fact, we were more than happy to witness her scenes in season 2 as well. Believe it or not, season 3 is dreadfully boring without Hanna in it.

Liberty High seems doomed than ever

Right from drug abuse to murder accusations, the creators have addressed every hurdle faced by an average teen in the U.S. But, after a point, both the storyline and the scenes get really shady, making us believe High school is any good at all.

Long & Dragging

Simply to justify the title, 13 Reasons Why, we are forced to watch 13 long and super-boring episodes that showcase 13 pieces of evidence leading to Bryce Walker’s death. And, for those who’ve already watched the end, you’d know what we’re talking about.

Clay trying to save almost every other person

Yes, of course, being a protagonist adds a lot of burden on your shoulders to save the world. But, here, Clay goes overboard to solve every trouble his friends are facing which becomes tiring to watch.

From Ani’s portrayal of the story to the doze-worthy screenplay filled with shades of grey, we wish we’d directly jumped to the 13th episode to find out who had killed Bryce Walker. 

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