Gay Transformation Therapy is Restricted for Minors in Germany

The confirmation came out when the parliament issued a ban for the conversion therapies

Germany has become the latest country to ban so-called “gay conversion therapy” for minors. The new law, which was passed by the German parliament on Thursday, makes it illegal to subject anyone under the age of 18 to any kind of treatment that aims to change their sexual orientation or gender identity. Violators will face fines of up to 30,000 euros ($35,000). The law is a victory for LGBTQ rights advocates, who have long campaigned against conversion therapy, arguing that it is harmful and ineffective. Germany joins a growing list of countries that have banned the practice, including Chile, Ecuador, Malta, Uruguay, and several states in the US. With this latest law, Germany is sending a strong message that LGBTQ people should be respected and accepted for who they are.

These transformation treatments which are also known as reparative therapies depend on the concept of changing the gender or curing it which is exposed by several renowned healthcare associations in Britain, the U.S, and so on.

As per the restriction, guidelines promoting it to the younger generation are forbidden and those who try to do it will be punished by sentencing to 1-year imprisonment or charged with expensive fines.

Jens Spahn the Federal Health Minister stated that: “it was an important signal from society for all those who are unsure about their homosexuality.”

He also added saying: “Homosexuality is not a disease. Therefore the name therapy alone is misleading.”

“This so-called therapy makes people sick and not better. The ban is also an important signal from society to all those who are unsure about their homosexuality: It is okay to be the way you are.”

Surveys have said that attempts to the conversion of a teen’s identity or gender can make them depressed or end up killing themselves.

Though it had been condemned by various healthcare boards and by scientific experts across the world it is still legal in major places in Europe.

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