Happy B’day to WWW! Not to the Internet BTW.

Do You Know?

A big mistake that almost 90% of the world population makes about the Internet is the term ‘Internet’ itself.

Yep… While we, the people around the world, celebrate the 30th birthday of WWW, it should be a wake-up call to know that ‘Internet and WWW are not the same”.

In fact, the Internet existed long before the WWW by the US Military during the times of ‘Cold War’. The Internet is nothing but a cluster of computers connected to another cluster of computers. Whereas WWW is an alternative to Internet founded by computing legend Tim Berners – Lee that enables users to access server spaces that are connected around the world without compromising the access of their computer.

It’s high time to stop using the wrong terms for the right reasons…

Happy Birthday, WWW. You’ve enlightened our lives connected.

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