Halle Bailey Has Opened up about Her Postpartum Depression

She has had postpartum depression and anxiety since giving birth to her first child.

Halle Bailey Has Opened Up About Her Postpartum Depression
Halle Bailey Has Opened Up About Her Postpartum Depression

Halle Bailey, the American singer and actress, has opened up about postpartum depression after welcoming her first child, Halo. Let’s delve more into it. 

According to the Entertainment Tonight report, a fan page shared a video about Halle talking about the challenges she faced after giving birth. The Little Mermaid actress said, “Halo is a miracle. He is perfect. He is beautiful. When I look at him, I cry because of how special he is.” Bailey added, “The only thing that’s been hard for me is feeling normal in my own body. I feel like a completely different person. When I look in the mirror, I just feel like I’m in a whole new body. Like, I don’t know who I am.”

Postpartum depression is the primary health condition faced by many new moms. Bailey continued by stating, “I just wanted to speak a little bit about my postpartum journey as a new mom, and now trying to work while still being severely postpartum. I don’t know if any new moms can relate, but it’s to the point where it’s really bad. It’s hard for me to be separated from my baby for more than 30 minutes at a time before I start to kind of freak out.”

She also said, “Even though you may look up to certain people and you think that they are celebrities, and they appear to have it all together, you never know what somebody else is going through, especially someone who just had a baby literally.” Halle celebrated her 24th birthday with her family by enjoying mudbaths, watching sunsets, and eating local food.

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