Anna Kendrick’s Directorial Debut! ‘The Dating Game’

Anna Kendrick is making her directorial debut with a true-crime thriller

Anna Kendrick’s Directorial Debut! ‘the Dating Game’
Anna Kendrick’s Directorial Debut! ‘the Dating Game’

The Pitch Perfect actress and singer is now a director too. Anna Kendrick is set to make her directorial debut in a true crime thriller. Kendrick will also produce and star in the flick which is based on the real-life interaction between two reality show contestants, one of whom turns out to be America’s worst psychopathic serial killer!

Cheryl Bradshaw met Rodney Alcala as one among three eligible men in the 1960s and 1970s reality show The Dating Game. When asked who she would pick, charmed by his provocative retorts on the show Bradshaw chose bachelor number one – Alcala. Little did she know he has a criminal history as a convicted child predator and would soon be a sentenced-to-death serial killer.

This chilling story is from a Black List script by Ian MacAllister McDonald. Kendrick claims she loved the script from the moment she read it. The film is currently in pre-production with principal photography scheduled for late October.

Kendric recently opened up to People’s magazine about how her, ‘personal experience with emotional abuse led her to choose the movie’, Alice, Darling.

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