Halle Bailey and DDG Kept Baby News Under Wraps

Here’s why Halle Bailey and DDG kept her pregnancy a secret

Halle Bailey And Ddg Kept Baby News Under Wraps
Halle Bailey And Ddg Kept Baby News Under Wraps

Halle Bailey is opening up about her hidden pregnancy recently. Did Halle and DDG keep their pregnancy private? The 23-year-old actor and singer hid her pregnancy from fans and the internet for months. Let’s look at the reason behind it. 

What is Halle Bailey known for?
Halle Bailey was born on 27th March 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a well-known composer and actress. She is known for her roles in Last Holiday (2006), The Little Mermaid (2023), and The Colour Purple (2023). Also, she has sung in various albums, such as Do It, Forgive Me, Lonely, Baby Girl, Cool People, and more. 

Why Halle Bailey and DDG Choose Secrecy?

At the end of 2023, the singer welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Halo. She kept her entire pregnancy a secret instead of fans figuring it out. Halle Bailey revealed why she kept the baby news under wraps. 

She shared, “I just wanted to make sure I had a beautiful and private healthy time in my journey.” Bailey added, “I feel like sometimes as people in the limelight, people feel like they want to know every little thing about their life, but I think it’s really beautiful if you keep some things private and sacred.” 

A source revealed in the US Weekly, “Halle told friends it was to protect their baby and relationship from scrutiny, but it was all very strange to those around them, especially when she has had such a huge year in movies.” 

Halle also replied to fans commenting that they know, “I’d be like, it’s great that you know, but I’m just going to chill. That’s wonderful if you support me, and if not, that’s okay too. I hope you have a wonderful life.”

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